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How It Works

Code of Conduct

Only one thing guides all our life drawing sessions and that is RESPECT! As long as we are all respectful to each other then we can go very far all together and truly enjoy what we do. 

Screenshots and screen recordings of the sessions are 

 If you breach our T&Cs, you will be reported and banned.

Virtual ​Life Drawing Sessions

Our virtual erotic life drawing sessions are open to whoever (men, women, straight, gay). Our sessions feature diverse models in erotic poses, for a sensual and liberating experience. We always have a different life model for each session. Models are paid and artists can tip them.

After you purchase your ticket follow the instructions you'll get with your email confirmation. The sessions are held via ZOOM. You can use any device you like

Please mind the different time zones!

Session Agenda


Each session is approximately 2 hours long and models will perform 8 poses in total:


2x 5min poses

2x 10min poses

2x 15min poses

2x 20min poses


There are 5 minute breaks between each of the longer poses.


This is a clothing-optional space, meaning that you may be fully nude. You may choose to turn on/off your camera during the session. 


If you're an absolute beginner - don't worry, just come and watch

Pricing & Packages

Tickets for the Solo Virtual Life Drawing Sessions are $10 ONLY! Duo sessions are between $15-20 depending on the length of the session.


Students always get 50% off on live sessions. (Does not apply to subscriptions)

Contact us via email and attach your Student ID to get the coupon code.


Don't forget to have a look at the "Subscribe" page and start saving money!

Share Your Work


We always ask that you to send your drawings to us via email, Instagram, or WhatsApp. We ask for permission at every session, and only publish the drawings with your approval. We do not tag you unless you agree.

Become a Model


We always pay our models. If you are interested in posing for a session, please email us.

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