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Upload here the drawings you want Joe Davies to publish on the page "Art Gallery"

otherwise send them via WhatsApp, eMail address or DM on Instagram.

It only takes few simple steps.

  • Choose and click on the appropriate main session's folder you attended if it's still there otherwise create one with model's name and sessions's date

  • Create your own sub-folder in the appropriate session's folder by clicking on the "New Folder" button and name it with the tag you want me to use to credit you on my website, it could be your nickname, your Instagram handle or whatever you like. If you don't want to be credited then create an unnamed folder and add your files there

  • Add your files by clicking on the "+File" button

Is it that easy? Yes, it is!

Watch the video tutorial here if you need


1. This is only a way for me of getting your files, once I've received them then

the second step would be for me to upload them on the main page "Art Gallery" in the appropriate album as soon as I can.

2. Only public members can upload files and create folders so make sure you'll become a member if you haven't done so yet and that you're not a private one ;) (use the login bar at the top right corner).

3. I will receive a notification once you have uploaded your file so there is no need to follow up via email or, if you like, you can message me using the chat here on my website.